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Well, it’s that time again…. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.

Fellas, have you made plans?

Maybe some of you make a big deal about Valentines Day – maybe some of you don’t.  After all, it’s not an anniversary or a birthday or anything truly special; it’s simply another day on the calendar, right? If you feel that way, you are somewhat right.

That someone you love like a spouse or fiancé needs your expression of love for them much more often that once a year on a specific holiday. In return, we want to be loved by someone, and that love needs to be expressed verbally as well as with our actions.

Love is not only a tell. And it’s not only a show.  It works best when love is a show and tell.

As an example, take my relationship with my wife Kristi.  Imagine me saying, “I love you,” every day but not making any effort to express that love with my actions toward her.  She would not sense the love that I profess.

In the same way, if I did all the things within my ability to show her that I love her but never looked into her eyes and said those words would she truly know without a doubt that she has my heart?

Some may agree or disagree with what I am writing but I believe that to truly have a happy marriage it is imperative that we employ both actions and words that express a deep love and affection for each other.

Recently, Pastor Tyler was preaching about the fact that when God created each day He looked over his daily work and said it was “good”

When God finished on the sixth day Genesis reads:

God looked over ALL he had made, and He saw that it was “very good!”

But there is one situation in Gods creation when He said things were  “not good.

In Genesis 2:18 it says:

“Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

God made us to long for affection from others. Whether you are like my friends Joey and Kara Rebstock who have been married all of 2 weeks, or like my friends Bob and Ruth Brockett who have been married for 47 years, there is so much blessing that comes from pairing up with someone who has made a decision of the heart to make a life together.

Marriage is a beautiful commitment that was designed by God Himself. I truly believe that He has laid out some clear ways to keep that commitment going and growing deeper in love.

On Sunday, February 12th (the Sunday before Valentines Day) I am excited to be preaching a message at M1 Church entitled

Same Team! Searching for a Better Marriage.”

This is a message on marriage for all people whether single, engaged, married or divorced.

God has a plan for you! Join us!

God is Good,
Perry Case

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