Ask the Pastor: What is the Best Way to Study the Bible in Depth?

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Often I get questions from different people in our faith community about a variety of topics and recently I started thinking ‘what if other people have these same questions?’   So I decided to share a question at a time occasionally on our blog (depending on the question, of course).

I’d love to be available to answer any question you may have… feel free to stop by the office anytime, text me, or e-mail to


I am looking for some effective ways to study the Bible. Ways to actually understand what is going on and not to just read it and be lost the whole time. I did a little research when it hit me, hey I know I guy who does this for a living.😂 What would you suggest to someone who really wants to get deeper into bible study?


Hey, that’s a great question. Proud of you for asking, keep diving in! Here a few different options:

  • Start doing a Bible reading plan on the Bible app that is a little more in depth (like read the Bible in 365 days)
  • Make a list of certain topics you want to study and then begin to find everything scripture has to say about those topics (could be encouragement, heaven, depression, joy, etc)
  • Study a character in the Bible and try to learn as much about that person as you can (Moses, Daniel, etc)
  • Get a study bible that helps explains things as you read it. I preach from the NLT version of the Bible, so it may help to read in that version as well.

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